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Firefox (Version 32): Image Uploading Issue
Different Kijiji users are reporting technical difficulties when attempting to upload images when using the Firefox browser (Version 32). A probable cause for this issue is the Adblock Plus add-on wit...

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Examples: How do I edit my Ad?   I can't find my Ad   How do I delete my Ad?  

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Posting an Ad
Is it really free to post an Ad?
How long do Ads stay on Kijiji?
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Searching & Replying to Ads
How can I search an entire province?
What are alerts?
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Kijiji Policies
What is not allowed on Kijiji?
What are the rules for using Kijiji?
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Staying Safe using Kijiji
How do I stay safe while using Kijiji?
What do I do if I have been scammed?
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Managing My Ads & Account
How can I edit my Ad-change info/cities/categories?
How do I delete my Ad?
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Promoting My Ads
How can I get more people to see my Ad?
How much do each of the features cost?
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Advertising on Kijiji
How can I advertise my business on Kijiji using banners?
How can I have my website appear in Sponsored Links?
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Cars and Vehicles
How does Kijiji compare with other auto sites?
Why use Kijiji Autos?
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Site Updates & News
Firefox (Version 32): Image Uploading Issue
About Kijiji
What is Kijiji and where does the name "Kijiji" come from?
Kijiji Canada Media Page
Kijiji Pets Policies
What rules apply when posting a pet on Kijiji?
Kijiji Pets Code of Conduct
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Kijiji Mobile Apps
The latest version of the Android App (Version 1.8) is now available!
The latest version of the iPhone App (4.0) has been launched!
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Real Estate
Why Am I Being Asked to Pay?
What benefits are included with a Real Estate Professional account
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Professional Job Posting Fee
Professional Job Posting Benefits
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Contact Kijiji Article rated 1.6/5.0
We are happy to announce Kijiji Live Chat! This feature is available Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm EST. When all of our agents are engaged in chats, the feature will appear disabled. If this is the case,...