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Kijiji Help Desk Knowledgebase > Dealer Questions > Why is there an auto dealer only listing fee?
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Why is there an auto dealer only listing fee?

SolutionAs of March 2010, all car dealers are charged a small listing fee when they list a car for sale on Kijiji. This fee covers the listing for 31 days on the site (after which you can post for another 31 days if you so choose).

This listing fee will be charged to those who self-identify as dealers as well as to owners who have posted 2 or more car/classic car/truck/SUV Ads in the past. The fee is being charged to reduce the amount of low quality Ads listed on Kijiji and also to allow us to invest in marketing and further improvements to our dealer services. By reducing the number of low quality Ads, the visibility and effectiveness of paid Ads is greatly increased.

Topic: Dealer Questions
Date added: 2010-01-21 16:03:34
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