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Kijiji Help Desk Knowledgebase > Dealer Questions > What benefits do I get with the auto dealer only listing fee?
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What benefits do I get with the auto dealer only listing fee?

SolutionKijiji Autos is the most visited automotive website in Canada, with millions of visitors each month. Listing your dealership's inventory on the site helps you get more leads and will help you sell cars faster.

Paid dealer listings include several features not found in 'for sale by owner' listings posted by car owners, including:

  • No limit - Dealers can post their entire inventory on Kijiji, while owners can post a maximum of two cars per household

  • Quicker posting time and staggered postings - When dealers' vehicle Ads are posted to Kijiji, they are given priority when running through our security system and have a shorter delay time before they're added to the site. In addition, when listing more than 4 dealer Ads at a time, dealers can choose to stagger their Ads so our system will post only 4 per hour, to help maximize visibility for their inventory throughout the category where the Ad is being listed.

  • Specialized Support- There is a client services team dedicated to supporting our dealers. In addition to email support, we offer telephone support for our dealers. The number can be found at the top of the page when listing a dealer Ad to the Kijiji site. Alternatively, reach out through email Kijiji via our help desk. Be sure to choose the Contact > Auto Dealers or Contact> Non-Passenger vehicles as the topic so that the email is sent directly to your support team.

  • My dealership page - All dealers get a page with all their inventory, logo and contact information.

  • Dealer logos - All dealer listed cars can include the dealership's logo, giving more exposure to a dealership.

  • Dealership tagline - Dealer listed cars include a tagline which shows up with Ads in search results for added visibility.

  • Web link - All dealer Ads and their dealership page include a free link to a dealership's website.
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