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Kijiji Help Desk Knowledgebase > Posting an Ad > How long do Ads stay on Kijiji?
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How long do Ads stay on Kijiji?

SolutionAds in most categories stay on Kijiji for 60 days. The exceptions are:

• Vacation Rental listings, which last 365 days.
• Paid Dealer and Real Estate Professional listings, which last 31 days.
• Paid dog and puppy listings in our Pets category, which last 31 days.

A few days prior to when your regular Ad is set to expire, you will receive an email notification with the option to repost it. Reposting a regular Ad extends its life by another 60-day period, and brings it back to the top of the first page of its category.

As such, reposting a Vacation Rental Ad extends its life by another 365-day period while a paid Dealer, Real Estate or Dog & Puppy Ad is extended by another 31-day period.

If you would like to repost your Ad to the top of the listings before it expires, consider paying to bump up your ad.

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Topic: Posting an Ad
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