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How to post an effective Ad

SolutionIs your Ad not generating as many replies as you expected? Need some tips on selling or advertising for your business? It is easy to post an Ad online quickly, but to maximize your effort, consider the many ways your free Ad might be improved upon for better results. There are many factors to creating an effective classified Ad. Here are a few tips from our experts:

Use an attention-grabbing title.
The first thing you should ensure is that you have a title that will get your Ad noticed by others, and an apt description that uses all of the key words or phrases that someone might use in a search for the item you are selling. How effective an internet Ad is depends very strongly on the ability of potential buyers to locate the posting. The more detail you can provide about the item, the higher the quality of the leads will be. For instance, if you are posting a furniture item, and list the applicable dimensions in your Ad, you will cut down on responses requesting that information, thus, those replying will be less likely to lose interest based on the dimensions.

Add humour!
Humour goes a long way to getting your Ad noticed (remember, keep it family friendly!). Making those who view your Ad laugh is a surefire way to set your online classified Ad apart from the pack. Sometimes, if you are lucky, funny Ads may go viral, since everyone wants to share a good laugh with family and friends on social media!

A picture says a thousand words.
Have you uploaded pictures to your Ad? Ads with photos receive higher quality and more serious replies than those without, and are typically viewed 55% more. Adding well lit, good quality images to your Ad will go a long way in creating buyer interest. Many people are not willing to travel a long distance to inspect an item that they have not previously seen in a picture. Unlike newspaper classifieds, there is no cost to post a picture on Kijiji, so we recommend taking advantage of this, and putting images on every Ad you place to maximize both free and paid advertising.

Double-check your city and category.
If you have an in-depth description and images, yet still aren’t receiving the level of replies you were hoping for, ensure that your Ad was placed in the correct category and city. If your Ad is mis-categorized, interested parties may have a difficult time locating it. If your item is located in Vancouver, but you posted it in Toronto, no local people will see your Ad, so making a sale will be very difficult, even if you do a great job writing the best Ad.

Make sure your price is in line with the current market.
Remember, people expect used items to be significantly lower in price than new items. Have you checked the price of your item and made sure it is in line with what the market pays for this type of item? Doing a price comparison on Kijiji is easy: type in the name of your item in the Kijiji search engine and you can see the results of similar Ads and their prices. Sometimes, an Ad might just need a little boost to receive the exposure it deserves. Free classifieds are a great start to get exposure, but if you are motivated, you may want to consider upgrading your free advertisement with a paid upgrade. We have many feature options available for purchase, depending on your needs:

- Homepage gallery, which places your Ad in the rotation of homepage Ads in your city. Those who visit your local may see your Ad before clicking on any categories or other options, which makes this option especially good for flashy items that someone may purchase on impulse.

- Top Ads, which put your Ad in the rotation at the top section of the category, in your city. Since this feature is targeting people who are looking at similar Ads, this is a great option if you want to advertise to people who are already looking for an item like yours.

- Urgent, which places a red banner on your Ad, letting others know you are motivated for a quick sale.

- Highlight, which shows your Ad in the listings in a blue colour, which naturally draws the eye towards it.

- URL, which gives you a clickable link in your Ad to an outside website.

- Bump up, which resets the posting date of your Ad, and brings it back up to the top of the first page in the category, so it will appear with the most recent listings at the time of the bump.

- Do it Yourself banners, which enable advertising across Canada, in as many places and categories as your Ad is relevant. These can be purchased to drive traffic to your Kijiji Ad, or to an outside website, if you prefer.

Best of luck, and happy selling!
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