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Kijiji Help Desk Knowledgebase > Staying Safe using Kijiji > Guide to safely purchasing firewood online
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Guide to safely purchasing firewood online

SolutionNeed to stock up on firewood, but not sure how to purchase safely? Our friends at Measurement Canada have some tips:

Adhering to the following precautions when purchasing firewood will help ensure that you get what you pay for.

When ordering firewood:

• Ask for it to be delivered stacked in the truck so that you can measure it before it is unloaded.

When receiving the firewood:

• Be present at the time of delivery. Do not rely on a neighbour to accept delivery on your behalf.
• Ask for a receipt and verify that it indicates:
• the quantity and type of firewood purchased;
• the seller's name, address and telephone number; and
• the price paid.
• Write down the licence plate number of the delivery vehicle.

Do You Think You've Been Shortchanged?

If you received less firewood than you paid for, and after contacting the seller you are not completely satisfied, contact the nearest Measurement Canada office before using any of the firewood.

For more information on buying firewood, please read Buying Firewood? Don't Get Burned.

Consumers may also refer to the Registry of Firewood Vendors in Nova Scotia. Vendors listed in the registry must agree to sell firewood by according to the Code of Ethics of the registry.

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