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Kijiji Help Desk Knowledgebase > Managing My Ads & Account > How can I edit my Ad-change info/cities/categories?
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How can I edit my Ad-change info/cities/categories?

SolutionIf you are a registered Kijiji user and you wish to edit Ad pricing and/or information, you can certainly do so in most cases. Here is how: sign into "My Kijiji", then click "My Ads". Click the Edit link next to the Ad you would like to change.

Remember you don't have to register to post on Kijiji. If you did not go through the optional registration process, then you can change your Ad by using the Edit link found in the posting confirmation email we sent you when you posted your Ad. If you've lost or deleted this email, you can it resent to you here. Or you can also contact us for further help.

Please remember to check your spam folder in the case you cannot locate this email, as it is sometimes routed to this folder.

Can I edit/change cities? Please do note that editing an Ad to another city is not possible at the present time, and as such, if your Ad was misplaced in the incorrect city, you will have to delete the Ad and repost it. You can reset the Kijiji city on the top right hand side of the page, which will then allow you to post the Ad on your local Kijiji site.

Can I edit/change categories? Similar to changing cities, often attempting to move an Ad to another category is not possible. Since many categories and subcategories require a specific set of attributes, unfortunately moving an Ad from category to category is not possible. In that case the Ad will have to be deleted and posted as a new Ad in the most applicable category.

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