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Real Estate Code of Conduct

SolutionAll posts for house, apartment, or condo rentals must be in compliance with the Kijiji Equality in Housing policy.

Roommate Ads may state preferences, but may not be discriminatory or exclude any individuals or groups from consideration.

Security deposits equal to 1 month of rent are allowed in most provinces and territories in Canada, with the following exceptions:

• Half month rent permitted in BC, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia
• 3/4 month’s rent is all that is allowed in Newfoundland
• Quebec: security deposit and last month rent not permitted
• Ontario: security deposits are not allowed, but last month rent is

Key Deposits are not allowed in most provinces and territories in Canada, with the following exceptions:

• Permitted in BC, Saskatchewan and Yukon
• Key deposit may be requested as part of the security deposit in Alberta

Ads which do not meet Kijiji policies or abide by local laws and by-laws may be removed at our discretion.
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