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What is a Want Ad?

SolutionA Want Ad is an Ad placed by a user who is searching for a particular item or service, rather than selling one. There is a broad Want Ads section on the Homepage, near the bottom of the third column. Browsing in this section is a great way to potentially speed up a sale, when selling a particular item, as someone may be looking for exactly what you’re selling.

You may also notice, when browsing the categories, that there are a number of search options on the left hand side of the page under the heading Current Matches. The options in this column can be used to narrow down Ads based on particular preferences such as price and location. You will also find Ad Type in this column under which you will find Offered or Wanted. Choosing Wanted will show you all the want Ads in that particular category.

To post a Want Ad, start by choosing the 'Post Ad FREE' tab in the top right corner of the homepage, then choose the appropriate category. This will bring you to the Create Your Ad page. Under the heading Ad Type, choose I Want, and continue filling out the form as usual. This option will be missing from the Jobs and Resumes categories because Resumes is the wanted section for Jobs.

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Topic: Posting an Ad
Date added: 2012-12-13 13:18:30
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