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The latest version of the Android App (Version 1.8) is now available!

SolutionWe are pleased to announce the release of our new and improved Android App (Version 1.8)!

What's new in Version 1.8?

• Send Copy of email: Keep a copy of the email being sent to the seller for your personal records

• New features: Buy the Home page gallery to feature your ad on the home page of for your local area

• “Reduced” feature: Let buyers know that you’ve reduced the price of your ad in the Cars and Vehicles category

• Bug fixes

Also, check out these recent exciting features:

• Feature purchases: One can now buy features as part of the post Ad experience

• Recent Searches: Customize your recent search experience based on your preferences – disable or delete items

• New & improved design: Access My Kijiji, Watchlists and other features by clicking on the drawer navigation at any time

• Free Stuff! One can now look for free items across the site by browsing the Free Stuff category

• Feature purchases: We’ve added more Features in addition to Bump Up. Sellers can now buy other Features such as Top Ad, Urgent and Highlight via the App. One can securely save their credit card and use it to buy Features in just a couple of clicks

• Gallery View: Browse through categories by viewing pictures in Gallery view

For more information about this mobile App, please visit the following link:
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