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How can I get more people to see my Ad?

SolutionKijiji offers the following paid features which help give your Ads more visibility and helps them get more responses:
Bump Up
Bump your Ad back up to top of the first page. Ads on the first page get noticed more often. This does not extend the life of your Ad
Urgent/ Reduced Ad
Let others know you want to sell quickly
Highlight Ad
Highlight your Ad in blue to make it stand out from the crowd
Top Ad
Reach more people by having your Ad in the top section of its category for 3, 7 or 30 days
Homepage Gallery
Have your Ad placed on the Kijiji homepage to be seen by thousands of people every day
To purchase a feature for your Ad, simply edit your Ad and select the wanted features in the feature table. Alternatively, you can select the wanted features while you post your Ad.
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Topic: Promoting My Ads
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