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Kijiji Help Desk Knowledgebase > Bump Up > What does a Bump Up feature do?
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What does a Bump Up feature do?

SolutionBumping up your Ad will reset the post date of your Ad to the time of the bump, thus moving your Ad from its current position in the listings back up to the top of the first page, just below any Ads in the Top Ads section. It will remain in that spot until any new Kijiji Ads are posted in the category, at which point it will move down accordingly in the listings. It will not extend the life of your Ad, nor will it remain at the top of the first page indefinitely.

Ads that are on the first page of a category get more visitors and more replies than Ads on other pages. To Bump Up your Ad, edit the Ad and select the Bump Up option near the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can Bump Up your Ad using the "Promote My Ads" section in "My Kijiji".

Bump Ups can be purchased for Ads in all categories except for those posted in "events" and "garage sales". This is because those categories are sorted by event date, not by the posting date of the Ad.

If you find that you are unable to Bump Up an Ad that is not posted to one of those sections, it is likely because it is nearing its expiry date. Ads will automatically expire after 60 days (except in Vacation Rentals, where their lifespan is 1 year). If your Ad is approaching the date of its expiry, the option to Bump Up will likely disappear. The notification that is sent to you about Ads that are about to expire allows an Ad to be reposted, which will also reset your posting date. There is no fee for reposting a free Ad.

Want even greater visibility? Make your Ad a Top Ad, where it will stay in the Top Ads section for either 3, 7 or 30 days, depending on the category. Click here to find out more.

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