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What are Top Ads?

SolutionTop Ads are Kijiji Ads that have been upgraded so a second copy of the Ad appears in the "Top Ads" section at the top of a category listing page for several days. More people read and reply to these Ads because of their prominent position on the first page of a category, over a longer time period. Simply put, buying a Top Ad is the best way to help sell your item.

You have the option of purchasing a Top Ad for either 3, 7 or 30 days, depending on the category. The number of days option is available when you post or edit an Ad, in a drop down box shown in the features table. Please note that purchasing a Top Ad does not extend the life of your ad.

Note that if more than 5 Top Ads are purchased in a category, only five will be shown at a time. The Ads are randomly chosen and will change each time the page is loaded so that they are all showing equally. Also, adding a Top Ad feature does not affect the primary Ad's placement in the regular listings. For more information, read "Why can't I see my Ad in the Top Ads section?"

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