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Job and Resume Posting Policies and Code of Conduct

SolutionWhen advertising a job on Kijiji, please keep in mind:

All jobs advertised in classified Ads and in reply to other Ads must adhere to our job rules, as well as our regular posting policies. The following types of jobs are prohibited from being advertised on the site:

• Multi-level marketing jobs where recruitment of other members is part of the compensation.
• Pyramid schemes, or jobs that require upfront or periodic payments.
• Jobs that pay only commissions, unless the Ad makes it clear that the sole source of compensation would be commission, and clearly describes the product or service that would be sold.
• Jobs that require recruitment of other members, distributors or agents.
• Jobs that involve sexual activities.
• Ads that are not clear regarding what type of work would be required.

In addition, please keep in mind that:
• Requiring a photo for an application is not permitted.
• Replies to resume Ads for any purpose other than recruitment to a legitimate position are prohibited.

Replies to resume Ads for personal reasons, or for solicitation of any sexual or otherwise inappropriate purposes are strictly prohibited and may result in a loss of ability to utilize Kijiji.
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