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Feeding Inventory to Kijiji Autos

SolutionKijiji Autos, Canada's most visited car site, is now offering a simple, flexible and fair solution for dealers to automatically feed their inventory to the site. Thanks to recent agreements with Canada's leading dealership inventory management tool providers, dealers can easily and automatically advertise their inventory on Kijiji.

Our Inventory Management Partners

Strathcom Media
1-888-914-1444 x 703

Boost Motors Group
1-877-266-7841 x 306



How to Get Started Today

  1. Contact your inventory management tool provider*
  2. Tell them you want to activate your inventory feed to Kijiji
  3. Select the cars you want to advertise on Kijiji
  4. Reap the rewards: lots of leads and rapidly sold cars!
* If you currently don't work with any of the inventory management partners listed above, please contact us and we will work with you to find a solution that will work for you.

Inventory Management Partner Benefits

Using one of our inventory management partners to upload your inventory to Kijiji Autos gives you several key benefits, all for one, low, per-car fee. The benefits below help deliver more leads and help you sell your cars quicker using Kijiji:

  • Automatic feeding to Kijiji - one click uploading of your vehicles, details and pictures
  • Automatic bump up - after 31 days, listings are automatically bumped up (a $2.99 value)
  • Logos - your dealership logo appear with your listings
  • Dealer page - your dealer branded page includes all your current ads
  • Links - direct links to your dealership website (a $5 value)
  • Dealer Promo Tagline - highlight your listing with specific promotional details
  • Dealer support - direct access to Kijiji Dealer support team
To learn more, please contact us or your inventory management system provider today.

Why Post Your Vehicles on Kijiji?

Putting your vehicles on Kijiji will drive results to your dealership. You'll sell your cars more quickly and get more leads by exposing your inventory to our large user base. Remember, Kijiji Autos is the most visited car site in Canada (according to an independent third party). In fact, Kijiji Autos is visited by over 3 million Canadians each month, more than a million more than any other automotive web site in Canada. Can you afford to not have your vehicles shown to all those potential customers?

Getting Started

Please complete the following form in order to discuss advertising opportunities with us.

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