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What are Urgent Ads?

SolutionUrgent Ads are Kijiji Ads where the seller has indicated that they want to sell their item quickly. Ads with the red "Urgent" banner stand out from all others in a category because of their different look:

Not only do Urgent Ads stand out, but buyers can also filter for Urgent Ads by selecting the 'Urgent Ads only' link found on the left hand side of category and search pages. This allows buyers to find sellers that want to sell their item quickly, and who may be willing to accept a lower than usual asking price. Please note that the Urgent feature does not change the position of your Ad in the general listings. Ads marked Urgent will include the red banner for a period of one week after the date of purchase.

The Urgent banner is available for purchase for Ads listed under buy and sell, cars & vehicles, housing, jobs, and selected pets categories. In all other categories the highlight feature can be purchased for extra visibility.

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