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Email Communication Delays: Resolved
Recently, different users were experiencing significant delays in receiving email notifications from Kijiji. In some cases, ad activation or confirmation messages were received several hours after the...
Important Changes to the Pets Category
As of November 20th, 2014, Kijiji has removed the ‘Pets > To Give or Donate’ category, and the option to list any ad as ‘Free’ in the Pets section. At Kijiji, we do our best to help communities...

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Dealer Questions
Feeding Inventory to Kijiji Autos
How much is the auto dealer only listing fee?
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My Profile for Dealers
Example of dealership logo on "My Dealership Page"
Example of dealership logo on Search Results
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Heavy Equipment
Why am I being asked to pay?
Which categories have fees?
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Recreation Vehicles
Why am I being asked to pay?
Which categories have fees?
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Cars and Trucks
Why am I being asked to pay?

Why use Kijiji Autos?
We hear it time and time again from our users: Kijiji Autos is Canada's best resource to both buy and sell cars. Why Buy A Car Using Kijiji? Selection - We have the largest selection of 'for...
How does Kijiji compare with other auto sites? Article rated 3.4/5.0
Kijiji is the most visited autos site in Canada, according to an independent third party. The figure below shows the total number of monthly visits to Kijiji Canada's autos section (blue line at the ...
Should I post as a dealer or private owner? Article rated 2.3/5.0
When deciding whether to post as 'for sale by owner' or as a 'dealer', please consider the following distinctions: If you own or work for an autos-related business, we ask that you register your Ki...
Why purchase from a dealer on Kijiji Autos?
Purchasing a car from a used car dealership listed on Kijiji often has many advantages over buying from the car's previous owner. For example, used car dealers often: Certify the car you're buyi...
How can I show or hide dealer listings?
There are many advantages to buying a used car from a used car dealership. If you would like to see only dealer listed cars, click 'Dealer' under the 'For Sale By' header on the left hand side of the...
What is a CarProof report and why should I get one? Article rated 3.7/5.0
What is CarProof? Canadian vehicle history reporting service Essential used car research tool Provides Canadian data that other reports do not Critical accident data, liens, ...
Additional Policies for Paid Vehicle Categories Article rated 1.9/5.0
Ads in paid categories are subject to a few additional policies. To properly adhere to our payment programs, each Ad may only contain one item, whether it be a passenger vehicle, recreational vehi...