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How can I repost my ad?

SolutionAn option to repost an Ad will become available a few days before an Ad is set to expire. If you're registered you'll see the option in your "My Gumtree" if not you will receive an email and you simply need to click on the "Repost" link to Bump your ad back up

There are two options to repost your ad;

  1. Free option is to simply post a new ad copying the details of the existing ad, and then paste it into a new one. However please be sure to delete your old ad prior posting your new one. (If you don't delete it you may encounter a duplicate error that tells you, your new ad is too similar to an existing one).

  2. There is also the Bump Up option which you can purchase from "My Gumtree" if you are registered or "Promote my ad" link in the email sent to you if you're not a registered user and it will automatically repost your ad after you've purchased the Bump Up feature

Remember your ad will expire in 30 days in all categories except in Business Services where it will expire in 45 days

So the good news is you don't have to wait till your ad is close to expiry, you can simply delete your current ad and post a new one anytime so that it's closer to the top of the category it's listed under.

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