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Kijiji Help Desk Knowledgebase > Kijiji Policies > Can I post duplicate Ads, or in multiple Kijiji sites or categories?
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Can I post duplicate Ads, or in multiple Kijiji sites or categories?

SolutionYour Ad should only be posted on the Kijiji site closest to you, and in the most relevant category. Duplicate Ads are not allowed.

You should only post your Ad in the most relevant category. Should you be unsure which category to use for your Ad, try searching to find out where others have put similar Ads. If you post the same Ad in multiple categories, they will be removed from Kijiji.

You should also only post your Ad on the Kijiji site that's nearest to you. Remember, people that are willing to travel will search other Kijiji sites using the Provincial search feature to find your Ad.

Ads in the Services category must also be condensed as much as possible. All facets of a service must be listed within a single ad instead of having an ad for each service.

If you are interested in purchasing banner Ads in multiple cities, click here for more information.
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Topic: Kijiji Policies
Date added: 2009-04-20 22:54:52
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